Andres Charrier

Andrés Charrier


Andres Charrier is a Anthropologist lost, naturalist and photographer. A kayak trip to the glaciers of the fjords marked him forever. He is interested in the research lines of biogeography, taxonomy and systematic of amphibians and develop public policies for their conservation. He has dedicated himself to writing biodiversity books for children so that they know the world before this disappears. Believe that the simbiosis between science and art they can change the world. Chile has such beautiful and interesting species that if they did not exist they would have to be invented. Traveling naturalists like Humboldt, Wallace, Darwin, and Phillipi have inspired him in life and marked his footsteps. It declares herpetograph without formal training, hoping that whoever wants to have a formal science background will read it. Land the future of the species is of interest, not the origin. He wants to be an explorer.