Maureen chadwick

Maureen Chadwick


Maureen chadwick, was born in Concepción (1967), from where at an early age he took a concern in everything related to art. She then studied design at IPS, which sparked an interest in the world of fashion where she settled for more than 10 years. His next stop was as a potter, participating in the HuaraHuara workshop for a long time. His willingness to learn about new fields triggered his love for illustration which became embroidery, where he has been a member of the Rococó workshop for more than 8 years. His latest attraction has been towards carpentry, which reflects his faithful motto of life, DIY. "I have the opportunity to be able to work on what I like and from where I want, which makes it easier for me to be a mother of 5 little angels. I started doing textile illustration as one more language, so that my drawings could be captured from another perspective."