natalie guerra

Natalie Guerra


natalie guerra She was born in Los Andes in 1985 and is the mother of Simón, two years old (2017). From his early years as a history student at the University of Chile, he became interested in the interdisciplinary approach to the study of childhood. His experience transits between research in colonial history and the enhancement of cultural heritage. He has investigated about the cultural representations of childhood in colonial Chile and Mexico. He was responsible for the reissue of the book Rhymes by Laura Bustos. Poems of a girl from the XNUMXth century (Cuarto Propio, 2011) and researcher in charge of the Fondart project “Gabriela Mistral in Los Andes: poetry and local history”. She has worked as an independent consultant in the creation of content for children in the Council of National Monuments and in public archives and museums. He currently works in the field of education at the Undersecretary of Cultural Heritage (Ministry of Cultures, Chile).