My body talks

Mi cuerpo habla

By Patricia Fernandez Bieberach
Illustrations of Margarita Valdes

The body itself is a significant reference in the development of a person, which allows us to move and relate to the world as unique individuals.

Our body allows us to get to know each other and shape the identity: to a skin color, to a gender, to certain physical characteristics, etc. It is also the reference point to understand the space where we move.

The child will develop a mental representation of your own body and giving it a more positive or negative value depending, to a large extent, on the reflection or attitudes transmitted to it by the people with whom it lives. In this way, a stimulated and loved child will build a good self image, which will not happen in the case of the one who is separated or punished.

Knowing the parts of the body, how they work and how they are part of an articulated system, is a challenge that the child must overcome at each stage of development.

So a nutritious accompaniment could make the difference between a positive self-esteem and a poor one. Good experiences teach us to accept and value our body.

The first great physical challenge will be to learn to walk alone, which will be followed by a greater challenge, which is the control of the sphincters.

Pee is mine

Early stimulation together with affective contact between the child and the adult, appears as a master key to overcome the obstacles that life in general poses. Either through the shared early readingBy repeating simple rhymes or singing certain melodies, you will be able to get to know the parts of your body, its possibilities and the messages that it sends you. Hunger, fever, emotions, etc., are expressed through the body and we will be able to listen to how they speak to us and also how to respond to them.

The book My body talks It is a playful proposal that aims to stimulate basic knowledge of the body and enhance the affective relationship with the close adult.


I stick out my tongue



And for older children, the beautiful illustrated book from this same publisher: On the surface: thinking with the body, Teresa Puig y Laura Borras, appears as a reflective and poetic complement worthy of sharing.

On the surface: thinking with the body