By Patricia Fernandez Bieberach*



This stage is characterized by having a accelerated rate of growth, which includes not only the increase in weight and height, but also the development of bond with attachment figures.

El general behavior It will go from a marked dependency, during the first year of life, to a growing independence. Around the year the child will walk without support. The achievement of gait and speech, plus advances in toilet training, will constitute the major milestones of development.

Together with smell and touch -the most primitive senses-, hearing will transport the first words through lullabies and other verbal stimuli. Then you will have the need to name what you see.

From the first months of life and, more especially, when the child manages to sit up without help and has advanced in the ability to pick up objects, the book appears as an excellent contribution to language development. Early reading will allow you to recognize things and their names, including your own body, people, actions, and emotions. In this way, you will progress towards more and more elaborate thinking and expanding your cognitive habilyties.

My body talks

Hen/Stag readings at this stage they should be brief, with the child in direct contact with the adult, leaving certain pauses that allow them to intervene in their own way. The clear and colorful images, typical of the book-album, will encourage actions that complement the story, such as applause, sounds, taps on the sheet, caresses, etc.

Little critters

La repetition It is a natural resource that helps not only to memorize what has been learned but also to build spaces that favor the imagination; rhymes are especially entertaining to them. Accompany the narration with onomatopoeia, tonal variations, songs or mimics that the reading and images suggest, will enrich your understanding, and the book will be associated with a pleasant activity.

Out for a walk

La early reading promotes understanding of the world around them, the expression of their emotions and being increasingly clear when it comes to convey your needs; the latter appears as an important source of protection.

The Children's Stories constitute a tool ideal for promoting language, adaptive behavior and the development of nutritional bonds.

Waves come, waves go


Around 2 years of age, the child will already be able to express ideas and emotions in a clearer way, using words to manifest what you want. You can also create magical worlds, attributing human life to inanimate objects (animism) or converse with an imaginary friend. And just as the expansion of language will connect you more and more with people (socialization) and their environment, you may also feel invaded by fears that alter their daily lives.

A potato on a bicycle

La Shared reading creates an intimate space that promotes empathy, allowing the child to express themselves and find ways to overcome their fears; hence the importance of choosing stories that identify it.

Whether you have a hard time falling asleep, are afraid of certain animals, or are expecting a baby brother, they can be addressed indirectly through a story.

Everyone to sleep

At this stage you will be able to follow a story with longer sentences and establish a narrative thread. The repeating the stories you already knowIt will not only serve to increase your understanding but also to anticipate certain events; Because of your limited ability to manage timing, such anticipation will give you a sense of control by contributing to your Self esteem and wellness.

On the other hand, the installation of basic routines it will mark an order in your daily life that will allow you, at the same time, to better manage your anguish. Sleep will be more stable, you will have recognized the signs that you want to urinate or defecate and handle your body movements with increasing skill. The discovery of their genitalia is part of the body self-awareness and the need to define oneself as a person with their own characteristics (identity).

We know that the affectivity is the main motor in language development, so a protected child will seek new experiences to grow.

Books could be integrated as a game as long as they are fun for you. Un short text and agile, with motivating illustrations, plus a close adult who works as a positive mediator, will be the perfect combination to encourage reading.

Rita and the dragon

On the other hand, even if your thinking is still concrete, you will already understand the notion of causality, recognizing characters and basic logical sequences in a story. Likewise, you will be able to verbalize your actions and even narrate past events, incorporating humor into your stories as a fundamental resource that contributes to your emotional intelligence

Drawing, music, dance and other artistic expressions are complementary resources that could improve the understanding of what has been read and generate their own creations that enhance their Personal development.

Neighborhood musicians

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*Patricia Fernandez Bieberach, Chilean, is an author and child-adolescent psychologist. He has published several articles about the emotional well-being of children and adolescents, in addition to maintaining his psychotherapy consultation in Santiago de Chile. She is the author of several children's books and a contributor to our blog.