An album book

Un libro álbum

Team Amanuta - Book "A top secret secret"

This book is an excellent example of what an album book is: during the first day of the course, there is a secret that runs from mouth to mouth. And the story begins already on the cover with a girl secretly observing another boy who walks with a package in his hands.

From an editorial point of view, an album book is an illustrated book where images, texts and editorial design guidelines complement each other. It is a new way of reading, since it is not necessarily linear, neither the reading nor the illustration. Here everything gives meaning: the layout, the text, the illustration, the typography, the format and even the endings participate in the story. All aspects of the book participate in the construction of the story.

A top secret secret

In this type of book, images occupy an important space on the page, they dominate the visual space. A dialogue is generated between the text and the images, more than an interrelation, there is a dependency where the text cannot be fully understood without them, which are also enriched by the text.

A top secret secret

All elements have meaning and deliver their input. This is where the reader participates: what does he or she give more relevance to, how long does it stay in which image, what is it that catches his or her attention the most. In this way, the story becomes a unique story depending on, and through, the participation of each reader. The main story is maintained, with an emphasis on different secondary aspects.

A top secret secret

Since both languages ​​(visual and textual) are dependent on each other, there is a great capacity for synthesis, so there is savings in the text as there is the illustration, and vice versa. There may even be little side stories, which appear after a first reading.

Finally, another important aspect is that it allows children who have not yet acquired the mastery or the pleasure of deciphering the written texts to approach and interpret the story through the images only.