Blanca Nieve en la casa de los enanos

De Gabriela Mistral 
Illustrated by Carles ballesteros

In this text, Gabriela Mistral recreates in verse a fragment of the classic tale Snow White of the Grimm brothers. Amanuta publishes this poem almost ninety years later, in the form of a storybook, with illustrations by Carles Ballesteros.


Winner of the Unesco “Most Beautiful Book” Award in 2014, Honorable Mention at Bologna Children's Book Fair, 2014.

Translated into Korean, Chinese and Polish.

Also available in ebook:


Recommended for 5 to 8 years
Design: Cardboard cover with silkscreen printing.
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 27 19 cm x
Pages: 32
Vintage: 2012
ISBN: 978-956-8209-79-7


"As you can see, Gabriela Mistral has read the classical European authors who collected the rich folklore of childhood. If you read Charles Perrault, you also read the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen who recreated Scandinavian folk mythology. Her poem“ Little Pieces ”Presents the theme of helpless childhood that is present in Andersen's story“ The Match Girl ”, in the same way that when he writes:“ A girl who was an invalid / said how I dance ”(9), he is highlighting to a handicapped girl, as Andersen portrayed them in his stories featuring crippled children or even toys, like that tin soldier with a missing leg.
In the story "Snow White in the house of the dwarfs", the author recreates a fragment of the story "Snow White" by the Grimm brothers collected in the book Tales of the School and Home published in Germany in 1812. From this story she chooses the scene of the meeting of the seven dwarfs with the protagonist whom he baptizes Snow White. In this way, it achieves a poetic effect from the title that it recreates by separating the words and putting the phrase in the singular. It also circumscribes the story to the episode that the girl lives inside the house of the dwarves, of a more intimate nature, and suppressing dramatic scenes such as the three visits of the queen disguised as a witch, offering ribbons, combs and an apple to the young woman, as as it appears in the original tale. In later versions these three visits from the queen have been reduced to the final one in which she only offers him the poisoned apple. "-Manuel Peña, literary critic


Gabriela Mistral He was born in 1889 in Vicuña, a small town located where the Elqui Valley ends. Her father was a school teacher, a profession that she also practiced at the early age of 15. Very concerned about Chilean education, she wrote about the need for a law to ensure primary education. She is one of the most important writers in Chilean history, which earned her the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1945 and the National Prize for Literature in 1951.

Carles ballesteros is a Catalan artist from the University of Barcelona and postgraduate in Illustration from the Eina School, Barcelona, ​​Spain. He currently lives in Chile and works as an illustrator for England, Spain and Chile. In 2012 he made the illustrations of Blanca Nieve en la casa de los enanos, a story in verse by Gabriela Mistral, in 2013 he illustrated the books, I had 10 little dogs and There was the frog for Editorial Amanuta.