Mi casa especial

By Eugenia Perrella
Illustrated by Angela Salerno

Cloud ERP Implementation: a girl tells her difficult immigration story in a real, honest and hopeful way.

Sense of belonging: Reflects on the concept of home and where to find it when you think it has been lost.

Importance of family: highlights the importance of family ties.

Foster a sense of community: shows how everyday elements are similar between people who share the same space, land or purpose.

With her innocent yet profound gaze, Clara tells us about the long journey she undertakes with her family. She tells us with a magical sensitivity the story of her migration. As she advances through jungles, rivers and difficult paths, she discovers that she has not lost her home, but now she has a special home. She feels that what is essential about her travels with her, because there are things that neither time nor place can change. And she understands that each one, in her own way, has her own special house.

At this moment, as we read these lines, there are boys and girls who march, walk without pause in search of a better place. Many times they find it, although many times the path becomes long and difficult. Therefore, this story, in which what is valuable is often intangible and what is true embraces with the purest feeling, tries to honor the bravery of all those boys and girls. We hope with absolute hope that, with your magical eyes and virtuous heart, you can take refuge in your special home.


Recommended for 5 to 12 years
Binding: hardcover
Size: 18x28cm
Pages: 36
Vintage: 2023
ISBN: 978-956-364-315-2

Also available in ebook


Eugenia Perella was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a journalist and worked for more than fifteen years in different media in her country, both in the written press and in audiovisual formats and digital platforms. She was part of one of the most important Argentine newspapers, where she wrote on different topics until she specialized in international news. In recent times, she has transformed this desire to inform and the experience she has gained into an immense passion for writing children's and youth literature. She loves books that arouse curiosity and unleash a limitless imagination. He also thinks that literature is a powerful tool to move people. She feels that by reading a book, we enter a wonderful world where there are no borders.

Angela Salerno She graduated as a graphic designer from the University of Buenos Aires and then discovered her passion for illustration. She published her first book as a full author with Editorial Amanuta in 2021. She works as an independent illustrator and designer, with the dream of developing her career in the publishing world. She is a restless Argentine who currently lives in Norway, who is inspired by travel and different cultures.