De Daniel Aguilera-Olivares
Illustrated by Itza Maturana

Insects are amazing creatures. They were one of the first organisms to colonize our planet when life was just establishing itself on land, and they were the first to develop wings and conquer the air. This book is an invitation to know what they are like, where they come from, how they have survived so many extinctions.


Winner book of the 2019 Marta Brunet Literary Prize and 2019 Colibrí Medal.

Translated into Chinese.

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Recommended for 5 to 12 years
Design: Entertaining cover with textured effect
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 28 x 21,5 cm
Pages: 48
Vintage: 2018
ISBN: 978-956-364-054-0


"Insectopedia" is a guide that describes the ecology, morphology and main characteristics of 11 insect orders present in Chile, in an attempt to link the world of these small, and often ignored, living beings with a child and youth audience. “The book has several objectives, but the first was to bring children and everyone closer to the world of insects, with the simplest possible language and an attractive design with vivid colors and illustrations. Insects are not as ugly or bad as they seem!

The book highlights the importance of insects on our planet and the role they play in ecosystems; makes visible those insects little named in other children's books, such as cockroaches, termites, fleas, lice and vinchucas, and finally reveals their great diversity and resilience: "insects have existed for millions of years on our planet and have resisted many extinctions, even that of dinosaurs. Insects are probably the ones that will remain on our planet once we go extinct.

Daniel Aguilera-Olivares, UC CAPES Center, 2016.


Daniel Aguilera-Olivares, Chilean, studied a Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology and then did his Doctorate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, both at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Chile. His interest is in understanding how insect societies are organized, for this he developed a Postdoctorate at the University of Florida, USA; and is currently doing his second Postdoctorate at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile related to termite ecophysiology.

Itza Maturana, Chilean, is a designer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, where she also completed a diploma in Illustration and Autobiographical Narrative. Since then she has worked as a freelance illustrator, collaborating with various publishers and companies nationwide. The book Insectopedia won the Hummingbird Medal award.