Illustra Amanuta Contest

Illustra Amanuta Contest


Within the framework of Amanuta Fair we will carry out the contest "Illustrates Amanuta". The objective is to meet new talents who can illustrate in Amanuta.



Chilean or foreign illustrators over 21 years of age.



  • Each participant may apply with 1 illustration that must be sent to the mail with the matter “Illustrates Amanuta Contest”.
  • Each participant must select a fragment of a text to illustrate (it can be any text intended for boys and girls between 0 to 8 years old. It can be a fragment of a classic story, song, rhyme, riddle, poetry, etc.)
  • Each participant must illustrate the selected text fragment.
  • The format to be sent must be a single PDF document with:
    • Participant name
    • Nationality
    • Email
    • Selected text
    • An illustration (must not be published in any print media)

Once the PDF is sent, each participant will receive a confirmation of participation.



  • From August 26 to September 14: reception of illustrations.
  • From September 14 to September 24: evaluation.
  • Last week of September: Winning and selected illustrators will be notified by email the last week of September.
  • First week of October: digital publication on the amanuta website (



  • The jury will be made up of the Amanuta team and two other professionals from the publishing and illustration sectors.



The jury will select a maximum of 14 illustrators, from which a winner and two special mentions will be named.

Selected illustrators will be notified by email and the list of selected names will be published on the site


First place

$ 80.000 in Amanuta books of the winner's choice that will be sent to any address within Chile.

Second place

$ 40.000 in Amanuta books of the winner's choice that will be sent to any address within Chile.

Honorable mention

12 illustrators selected to be part of the Ilustra Amanuta 2020 catalog, which will be published in

In addition, the winning and selected illustrators will be contacted to have a meeting with the Amanuta team and see possibilities for collaboration in future publications.

The selected illustrators authorize their works to be included in the Ilustra Amanuta catalog and in any other means of dissemination, for promotional purposes.

The fact of submitting works to this contest implies the express agreement of the participating illustrators with these rules.