Illustra Amanuta 2020 Contest

Honorable Mentions Catalog

Caroline Bernal
Good use of digital technique and a very nice color palette. The chosen textures greatly enrich the tone of the story. Modern and attractive illustration, with excellent color management and attractive characters. It would be interesting to see how it works with a non-digital technique, and with real cutouts.

Caroline Bernal
"When the fox saw them leave, she left silently, without saying anything to the woodcutter.
The woodcutter reproached him for why, despite having saved her, he did not thank him, to which the fox replied:
"I would have thanked you if your hands and your mouth had said the same thing."

Natalie Bruno
Good light and background management, however the figure, although it manages to focus the attention correctly, does not seem to be in the same plane as the background, reducing the tension of the scene. the compositional space and the weights in the image. Color as a differentiating element is very well used.

Natalie Bruno
"When they woke up, Gretel started crying.
-How will we get out of the forest? But Hansel consoled her.
-We'll wait a little while and find our way back.
Hansel took his little sister's hand and they set off, guided by the shining pebbles. At dawn, they found themselves back at their father's cabin. "

Gabriela burin
Interesting composition, very cubist in its forms, which I find attractive to show children. I love the freedom to build the shapes and to play with the different planes. Nice color palette and the character is charming. Fresh and original technique, with interesting references. Good use of color and texture. Good balance although it could have fewer elements in the background. It seems to me that the cheerful tone of the image departs a bit from the idea of ​​the text.

Gabriela burin
Guitar (Federico Garcia Lorca) 
"The crying begins
of the guitar.
The glasses are broken
Crying starts
of the guitar.
It is useless to shut her up.
It is impossible to shut her up.

Cries monotonous
how the water cries,
how the wind cries
over the snowfall.
It is impossible to shut her up.
Cry for distant things.

Hot southern sand
asking for white camellias.
Cry arrows without target,
the afternoon without tomorrow,
ye / first dead bird
on the branch.
Oh guitar!
Wounded heart
for five swords. "

Loreto Corvalan
Original and consistent style. Interesting use of textures and patterns. Each detail of the textures is a small illustration that greatly enriches the image. The color palette and composition are beautiful. Interesting proposal of characters.

Loreto Corvalan"Finally, the queen prepares
a poisoned apple, 
disguises herself as the wife of 
farmer and offers you the 
apple to Snow White. "

Daniela LeFeuvre
Composition that achieves a very interesting three-dimensional effect. Excellent use of light and depth. Very good digitization of a known technique, which is renewed thanks to your good craft. Good color management, where the shadows add a lot to the atmosphere of the story. The technique is interesting and represents the different spatial planes very beautifully. A well-known but very well executed language.

Daniela le feuvre
On a cloud (Fragment of the song of the musical group Mazapán).
"As I watched the clouds go by
One of them came down to me

Come on, he told me, I invite you to walk
Come with me on an endless journey

I was wrapping myself in its white vapor
Like a cotton suit

And I went up happy without fear
On my cloud with a song "

Madu Munoz

Nice mix of shades of blue that enhances the atmosphere of the story very well. Good composition, accompanies the text, good scenery. The monochrome and the calm of winter are well perceived, but there is a conflict between background and figure: the character takes off in technique and in depth. Interesting mysterious atmosphere created by the character and the colorful background. It is a very suggestive illustration.

Madu MunozWinter is comingor (Marisol Perales)
Mr winter
dresses in white,
he puts on his coat 
because it is shaking.

He goes to the mountain 
gets into the river,
and the park and the street 
they fill with cold.

Meets the rain 
crying, crying,
and also to the wind 
that comes blowing.

Come sun friend!
Scream on the road 
but the sun is not coming 
because he has fallen asleep.

Dina paula perez
Very good use of colors as a narrative resource. Simple and intense composition with a limited and balanced color palette. Illustration with movement and gestures, fresh and agile. Images that contrast for their colors and their graphic composition. The character of the boy is charming. It would be interesting to see this illustration in a non-digital technique.

Dina paula perezThe tears of the dragon (Japanese tale).

What's the matter? Who's calling me? - thought the dragon, sticking his head out of his enormous cavern.
"Today is my birthday and my mother will prepare a lot of sweets," the boy would shout. I have come to invite you.
The dragon could not believe what he heard and looked at the boy growling in a cavernous voice. But Taró was not afraid and kept shouting:
- Lord dragon! Are you coming to my birthday party?
When the dragon understood that the boy was serious, he was moved and began to think:
- Everyone hates and fears me. No one has ever invited me to a birthday party. Nobody loves Me. How good is this child!
And as he thought this, tears began to fall from his eyes. First a few, then so many and so many that they became a river that ran down the valley.

Tania recio
Good handling of color and technique, perhaps the main character should stand out more over the others. The gestural expression of the characters in the background is very well achieved. Gorgeous and vibrant color palette. Original in its form, good balance of colors, original and entertaining, bright and fresh.

Tania recio
The circus dwarf
(Enrique Paez)
That man was a dwarf, but he did not know it, because in his family all were dwarves, his girlfriend was shorter than he, and she called him Tarzan with honeyed eyes, he worked in a dwarf circus, and whenever he acted, the public already it was posted in their localities.

The dwarf who did not know he was a dwarf was always surprised that the audience remained standing throughout the performance, and did not sit in the seats.

But one day the dwarf made a magnificent performance. The best of his life. The audience was so enthusiastic that for the first time they stood up and clapped wildly. The dwarf was stunned to see the stature of all those people that filled the stands.

Many years have passed, and the circus dwarf still remembers that fabulous day when the steps of the tent were filled with giants more than five feet tall.

Florence Rodriguez

Original composition for its perspectives. Creative and playful proposal. The handling of mixed technique and spatial composition is very interesting. It is nice to see the game of different languages ​​in the image.

Florence Rodriguez
Drink the tea (Song of María Elena Walsh)
We are invited to have tea,

The teapot is porcelain
But you can't see
I do not know why.

Pelu Saenz
The technique is very beautiful and offers many possibilities. The characters are charming and funny. Entertaining use of color and technique. Attractive composition of simple but attractive shapes and colors for children.

Pelu Saenz"When the cat comes out, the mice have a party" 

Francisca Katerina Silva
The text is moving and the illustration expresses a lot of tenderness. Good use of the color palette for the atmosphere. Attractive nocturnal composition, with characters that stand out for their luminosity. It would be necessary to work a little more on the characters and be careful with the bright elements that appear on the right that distract from the most important thing.

Francisca Katerina Silva
"Things I would like to teach my daughter: stepping on leaves in autumn, choosing good ice cream flavors, identifying and inventing constellations and enjoying walking only with socks. For the rest of the things there are plenty of people, I want her to learn to be happy with the little wonders of everyday life. " (text by Francisca Katerina Silva)

Daniel Vasquez
The use of the technique is interesting and novel. The expressions of the characters and the composition are very beautiful. Good creation of environments and coherent aesthetics. Well finished characters, within a too literal scene. Excess of textures. Embrace digital technique and don't try to make it look analog.

Daniel VasquezLook little girl (Excerpt from the song of Los Jaivas)
Look little girl
I'm going to take you
to see the moon
shining in the sea,
looks skyward
and forget that languid fear
that was permanent emotion.