A dormir, conejitos

De Eugenia Roman
Illustrations of Giusi Raia

Stimulates attachment: rescues the tenderness throughout the entire story, the relationship between the father and the mother with each child.

Rhythm and rhymes: Soft rhymes and lilting rhythm create a fluid reading that makes it easy for children to participate.

Stimulate the imagination- Transport you to an enchanting world full of adorable characters and fun bedtime situations.

Diversity: The diversity of sleeping habits is shown, so children can identify with different characters and situations.

Positive habits: conveys the importance of sleep and the feeling of security and warmth before going to sleep.

Go to sleep, bunnies is a perfect read to help children relax and prepare for a good night's sleep, with a touch of magic and fun on every page. With soft, melodious rhymes she takes us through the bunnies' bedtime ritual, from the call of Daddy Rabbit to the sweet cooing of Mother Rabbit and the Moon.

With a touch of humor and tenderness, it shows the diversity of sleeping habits, from those who toss and turn in bed to those who sleep anywhere. The book ends on a sweet and comforting note, leaving little readers with a warm and cozy feeling before they go to sleep. Illustrations with soft colors and adorable characters are full of details that will capture children's imagination.


Recommended for 0 to 4 years
Binding: Boardbook
Size: 16x16cm
Pages: 24
Vintage: 2024
ISBN: 978-956-364-342-8
Book printed on FSC Mixed paper

Also available in ebook