Aire animal

From Theodora 
Illustrated by Paula Álvarez

Captivating illustrations that give life to a variety of aerial creatures.

Knowledge of the natural world: variety of animals represented that
expands knowledge.

Educational: simple informative text that encourages curiosity and learning.

Narrative accessible that stimulates the imagination and interest in nature.

clear structure which makes it easier for children to understand and follow.

Love of nature stimulated from an early age.

This book is a flight through the sky that introduces us to the variety of winged creatures that exist: birds, insects and mammals. With captivating illustrations, it invites us to discover the majesty of the condor, the elegance of the quetzal and the grace of flamenco. From the mighty bald eagle to the mysterious bat, each page has fascinating information suitable for young readers. With specific facts and vivid descriptions, this book not only educates, but also inspires with the diversity of the animal kingdom in the air. 

Ideal for sparking curiosity and love of nature from an early age. It is an educational and exciting journey, which shows the diversity of the animal kingdom in the air, an introduction for curious little ones, with love of nature and a poetic and scientific spirit. Enjoy with your wings spread!


Recommended for 2 to 5 years
Binding: Boardbook
Size: 13 x 18 cm
Pages: 24
Vintage: 2024
ISBN: 978-956-364-340-4
Book printed on FSC Mixed paper

Also available in ebook