Algo grande

De Sylvie neeman 
Illustrated by Ingrid godon

A child and an adult converse with tenderness and honesty. The little one confides in him his wishes and frustrations, while the older one listens and accompanies him. The child wants to do something important, but does not know what. In this search and in the midst of those doubts, the adult guides him, but without imposing an answer. This book is about the importance of growing together and that, despite being small, you can always do big things.


Recommended for 5 to 8 years
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 24 x 18,5 cm
Pages: 32
Vintage: 2015
ISBN: 978-956-9330-14-8


"Something Big is an unusual book. Godón, a Belgian illustrator, mainly uses red and green pastels to make simple figures on a white background. It achieves an effect as if they were illustrations drawn by a child, but when you give them a second look, They are far from simple. Just as Gordon avoids the typical colors of a child and opts for a more complicated palette, his figures are also subtle, and convey emotional states. The story begins with frustration. The child tells the adult that he is sad because he is small and wants to do something big. Immediately the adult tries to help by mentioning towers, mountains and elephants. None of these things satisfy the child, who seems to speak in metaphors and the adult instead is literal. On the beach the child finds a fish and returns it to the sea, a small action that means a lot to another creature.For a child reading this book with their parents can lead to a discussion of how to deal with frustrations. These are both for the child, who can seek solutions in nature, and for the parents, who do not need to solve everything for their sons and daughters. " -The New York Times, January 2013, XNUMX


Sylvie Neeman Romascano was born in Switzerland. He takes French and literature classes, and has already done collaborations for the Écriture magazine. In 2001, he published his first novel, Rien n'est arrivé ("Nothing happened") with the Denoël publishing house. Amanuta published his book Quelque chose de grand ("Something big") - from the Swiss publisher La Joie de lire - in Spanish. 

Ingrid godonstudied Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lier. Her teacher Rik Van den Brande guided her for a year to help her dedicate herself to illustration professionally. After that year, she dropped out of school and began working as a freelance illustrator for Belgian, French and Dutch publishers.