De Constance von Kitzing 
Illustrated by Constance von Kitzing 

Each reader will be able to mix animals from the front and the back. An elephant in a pink tutu, a rhinoceros in striped pajamas, a sheep knitting a sock, a fox in a uniform, a penguin carrying her little one, a juggling dog ... What if we mix everything up? The horned head of the goat with the round body of the pig and the skinny legs of the zebra make a fantastic and very funny animal, from the front or better yet, from the back! A fun and adorable hodgepodge that the little ones will love.

Originally published in Switzerland.


Recommended for 2 to 4 years
Cardboard book with rounded ends, so that it can be handled by children safely.
Design: Entertaining interior cuts allow you to mix the animals!
Binding: Boardbook
Size: 23 15,5 cm x
Pages: 36
Vintage: 2015
ISBN: 978-956-9330-40-7



I bought several books from the publisher, but Animezclados was the favorite for my daughter of 2 and my sister of 7, as it generates creative work, it can be transversal in terms of age. Nice illustrations and great that the animals are seen from behind too. 

Paulina Ojeda, Amanuta customer.


Constance von Kitzing is a German illustrator and author, winner of several awards, including the National Cyprus Book Award in 2012. Her work has been published and exhibited in Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Korea, France, Japan, Canada, China and Spain , among others.