Cuaderno de anfibios y reptiles de América


In this notebook we present approximately 50 species of amphibians and reptiles from America, distributed from Alaska to Patagonia. Each of these species was selected based on some particular and unique characteristic: the charismatic nature of the species, the beauty of its color patterns, its size (immeasurable or infinitely small), because of their deadly poison or toxicity, because they have achieved unique evolutionary adaptations to extreme cold or hot ecosystems, because they are the symbol of a country, because they are bioindicators of the health of ecosystems, because of some singularity of their natural history, because some chemical components of their skin have helped man to fight diseases, due to their ignorance because it seems important to us that they be known, due to the delicate state of their conservation or because they have become extinct forever, because we have worked with them in recent years and why if they go first, it means that if we continue treating nature as we have been doing up to now.