Dos y dos son cuatro

Illustrated by Ales Villegas

Popular song: based on a popular song so it will be easier for babies to follow along.

adorable animals: adaptation with animals in a fantastic world where they are personified.

Numbers and mathematics: introduction of numbers and sums.

Dies: interactive book that will allow you to count different elements and perform mathematical operations.

"Salud": an introduction to remedies and diseases, topics that often overwhelm boys and girls.

Two plus two is four It is based on the traditional children's song that both adults and children will enjoy. It is a meeting point for different generations to recognize each other through rhymes and singing, accompanied by the illustrations of Ales Villegas. Through its story and its die-cut pages, it invites boys and girls to discover small mathematical operations, with a chorus that is, without a doubt, unforgettable for anyone.


Recommended for 2 to 4 years
Binding: Boardbook
Size: 12 x 14,5 cm
Pages: 24
Vintage: 2022
ISBN: 978-956-364-269-8
Book printed on FSC Mixed paper

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Ales Villegas She was born in Santiago, in 1978. She is a visual artist and illustrator. In art, her works stand out: Space Battle and New Cartography of America, mental fictions about mutant objects and architectures. In illustration she is co-author of the books: The cat that illuminates usThe secret life of numbers y The inner palaces (Marta Brunet award in Children's category, 2020).