El delfín chileno

From Mary Willson, Javiera Diaz
Illustrated by Olivier balez

It is said on the island of Chiloé that if you hear a chucao singing to your left it is bad luck and it is better to stay home, and if you hear him singing to your right, it is an omen of good luck and you can continue on your way. Mary Willson is an Alaskan scientist who spent more than 15 years studying the Chucaos. In this book he tells us part of his research, inviting us to know and protect the chucao.

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Recommended for 4 to 8 years
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 20 20 cm x
Pages: 24
Vintage: 2013
ISBN: 978-956-8209-98-8


Javiera Diaz, Chilean, is an agronomist, master in Conservation and Management of Natural Resources. It is dedicated to research and scientific dissemination on ecology, botany and native flora. She is the mother of two children and wants them and all the children of Chile to know the wonders of nature and learn to take care of it and enjoy it. Co-author of the books El Chucao (2013) and El Monito del Monte (2013) by Editorial Amanuta.

Olivier balez is a designer at l´École Estienne in Paris, France. After 9 years in Chile, he returned to France where he continues to illustrate children's books. He also works in advertising, press and comics. For Editorial Amanuta he has illustrated Francis Drake (2009), El chucao (2013) and El Monito del Monte (2013).