Francis Drake

De Francisco Jimenez
Illustrated by Olivier balez

This is the legend of the most terrible of pirates, turned into a hero by the kingdom of England: Sir Francis Drake, and his journey through the southernmost sea route on the planet, Cape Horn ... The one that not even the Spaniards themselves they dared to sail.

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Recommended for 8 to 12 years
Binding: Softcover
Size: 23,5 21,5 cm x
Pages: 40
Vintage: 2009
ISBN: 978-956-8209-43-8


Francisco Jimenez He studied journalism at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and completed a master's degree in Documentary Filmmaking at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He worked as Content Editor and Director of Business Development for the online publication of travel offers and currently works as a Project Manager at Gestión Vitae Consultores. He is the author of the books La Niña Violeta and Francis Drake, from Editorial Amanuta.

Olivier balez is a designer at l´École Estienne in Paris, France. After 9 years in Chile, he returned to France where he continues to illustrate children's books. He also works in advertising, press and comics. For Editorial Amanuta he has illustrated Francis Drake, El chucao and El Monito del Monte.


Meeting Francis Drake

We live in Coquimbo and with my grandson, we have visited Fort Lambert where Francis Drake is supposed to have arrived… There we bought him a sword, hat and pirate's patch. The books were for my grandson's birthday and my daughter read them for him. Apparently he was delighted. Thank you. 

María Eloísa Pérez, Amanuta client.