¡Guácala! 101 cosas asquerosas

By Mathilda Masters
Illustrated by Madeleine van der Raad
Translation of Lidia Yáñez

Did you know that you swallow around a cup of snot every day? Or that the Sun King, Louis XIV, received visitors while sitting in the bathroom? Or that, if you have dry lips, one of the best solutions is to apply ear wax? Gross! Now imagine a huge spider standing on the wall of your room. Or better yet, a puddle of vomit or a pile of your dog's excrement. Does it also seem disgusting to you?

In this book we wanted to go in search of 101 particularly disgusting, funny and entertaining facts. And understand what they are and what they are about. So, to wrinkle your nose, have fun and learn, feeling a little disgusted!

Originally published in Dutch.

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Recommended for 8 to 12 years
Design: covered with fluorine ink.
Binding: Softcover
Size: 21 17 cm x
Pages: 128
Vintage: 2020
ISBN: 978-956-364-111-0