Nace una leyenda

De Marcelo Comparini y rosario montiel
Illustrated by Francis Xavier Olea

In this book we are going to know the (or one of the) moments of twenty-two key musicians in the history of popular music, in which they discovered that music was going to be the engine of their lives. The stories are based on real events, but they are literary creations around them. Some scenes are documented in biographies (such as Mick and Keith's meeting on the platform) and others are based on historical circumstances, but are pure fiction (such as Sting's bus trip). The other artists featured in this book are: Madonna, David Bowie, Charly García, Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury, Aretha Franklin, John Lennon, Violeta Parra, Kurt Cobain, Lou Reed, Lady Gaga, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Adele, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Stevie Nicks, Ed Sheeran, Prince and Bono. Marcelo Comparini and Rosario Montiel, with the extraordinary illustrations of Olea as an essential complement, land the great stories of musicians we love, moments that could be tiny, but that helped define them, to turn them into the figures that aroused the idolatry of millions through the world.

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Recommended for 12+ years
Design: Covered with gold ink

Binding: Hardcover
Size: 21,7 28 cm x
Pages: 60
Vintage: 2020
ISBN: 978-956-364-126-4


With some imagination and with a language available to anyone, the anecdotes in this book allow us to understand where the impulse came from that made them what they are or what they were. And in passing, they even offer a route of exploration for those who begin this long and winding path of musical appreciation and fanaticism, if the clues that the authors have left along the way are followed.
In short, endearing stories, fundamental characters, essential songs. Stories to start learning and enjoying. Music for life.

Iván Valenzuela, journalist.


Marcelo Comparini He is a Chilean journalist, radio communicator, producer and television host. He currently conducts two radio programs on Radio Oasis and makes the City Tour program (2009-present) that is broadcast on television. He's a fan of music and A legend is born is his first illustrated book.

rosario montiel He is an economist and was born in 1995 in Santiago, where he currently resides. In 2014, she entered the literary workshop of the author Ana María Güiraldes, where she forged herself as a writer and developed a special relationship with creating on paper and pencil. In 2017 he traveled to Barcelona to deepen his studies in literature at various institutes, where the Ateneu Barcelonès stands out. Today, he especially enjoys writing short stories.

Francis Xavier Olea, designer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Since 1999 he has worked as a designer for the newspaper El Mercurio, a space in which he has established himself as an illustrator. He is one of the founders of the collective of illustrators Seven stripes. He has developed work for commercial brands (Puma, Rosen, Transbank, Ron Havanna, Lipton, Absolut Vodka, among others) and has collaborated with their illustrations for numerous children's books. He has published six books as an author, graphic humor being the common denominator of these editions: Chapter 33, created together with Paloma Valdivia, Lovesickness, Stylebook, Glamor Lessons, And who are you? y Past, present and absent. Winner in Chile of the Altazor Award for the Arts in 2012 in the Design and Illustration category. In 2013 he received the Honorable Mention in the book-album contest To the Edge of the Wind of the Economic Fund of Culture for the book Life without Santi, written by Andrea Maturana. Selected in the category "portrait" in the Latin American Illustration 7 (2018) of the AI-AP (American Illustrators / American Photography).



Marcelo Comparini and Francisco Javier Olea talk about "A legend is born", an illustrated book about key musicians in the history of popular music.