Objetos extraordinarios

De Barbara Ossa
Illustrated by Margarita Valdes

There are some objects that we use every day, like the toothbrush or tea bags. But although they surround us day by day, we rarely realize that they are there. These extraordinary objects have many stories to tell, and through them, we can understand people's habits and how they have evolved. For example, who invented jeans? or what were soccer balls made of in the past? This book is an invitation to explore these stories.

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Recommended for 8 to 12 years
Design: Binding with exposed edges
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 28 17 cm x
Pages: 48
Vintage: 2019
ISBN: 978-956-364-107-3
ISBN special edition: 978-956-364-142-4 


In a world with houses without encyclopedias, books like "Extraordinary objects", by Bárbara Ossa and Margarita Valdés, can provoke fascination. Find out the history of the objects that surround us, the articles that seduce us and our favorite things, discover that they have existed for a long time, that they have been part of revolutions and that they have been changing, or not, until they become what we have between our hands or we wear it, it is a necessary and fun exercise. How we went from pen to ballpoint pen, the scandal that was the bikini, how they originally played soccer, the evolution of the blackboard and all the lives of jeans appear in this book that synthesizes history, science and curiosity.

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Barbara Ossa He studied History at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and has a Master in Cultural Heritage Studies, UCL. He has worked in various projects and institutions dedicated to research, dissemination and awareness of history and cultural heritage through different media.

Margarita Valdes She has a degree in Artistic Studies from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and then a diploma in Illustration and Comics from ELISAVA in Barcelona. He has collaborated with various publishers such as Vasalisa Ediciones, Pehuén and Amanuta.