Raíces del bosque

De Paulina Jara
Illustrated by mauma

In this book it is poetically and wonderfully illustrated how the trees of the forest share their food, unite to protect themselves, take care of their weakest individuals. They learned a precious life lesson long ago. This book tells us in verses this ancestral wisdom, invites us to immerse ourselves in the generosity of the roots, to make an underground journey that will help us understand the true sense of cooperation and brotherhood that exists in nature. An album book for all ages, where text and image complement each other, where the illustrations narrate the life of the forests and their inhabitants.

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Recommended for 4 to 12 years
Design: Book printed with special inks

Binding: Hardcover
Size: 25 25 cm x
Pages: 32
Vintage: 2021
ISBN: 978-956-364-153-0


Paulina Jara, Chilean, after her training in theater and differential education, she has developed a career focused on reading animation and oral narration; which has led her to work as an expert in advising for school libraries. He has published more than 15 titles with various publishers, such as Editorial Amanuta and Zig-Zag.

is the pseudonym of the Spanish illustrator Marcos Guardiola. He studied architecture, but soon discovered his vocation and commitment to image and illustration. He has worked as a regular contributor to the newspaper El País, where he began his career as an illustrator. He has published in Courrier International, Diagonal newspaper, Panenka, Yorukobu, El Malpensante and Cream Ebooks. In 2013, his work Pandora's dream obtained a Special Mention in the IV International Prize of Compostela. In 2014, his work was selected to be part of the V Ibero-American Catalog of Illustration. He has worked as an illustrator for various publishers.