Jugar, crear y divertirse

Illustrated by Sole Sebastian

Logbook to stay at home and travel with your imagination with games and activities for all ages, ideal to develop inside the house.

Games and activities for boys and girls of the 21st century, creative, restless and who want to learn and develop all their abilities. There are activities to move, to develop fine motor skills and to learn through play. There are traditional games such as fight, memorize, treasure hunt, cat, I spy and cachipún. Balance games, jumping games, aiming games and other gross motor skills games are also included. There are games that develop the imagination, such as puppets, shadow theater, mime, and craft activities such as cardboard animals, paper airplanes, hand stamping, and many others.


Recommended for 4 to 8 years
Binding: Soft cover with brackets
Size: 21,6x27,9cm
Pages: 32
Vintage: 2020
ISBN: 978-956-364-138-7