Sueños en el jardín

De Pauline Houses
Illustrated by Rachel Echenique

What do the bugs in the garden talk about? Do you have dreams? And will your dreams be small like them or big like mountains? This afternoon the bugs gathered to tell their dreams. What do the dragonfly, the beetle, the snail and the cicada say?

Cardboard book with rounded ends, so that it can be handled by children safely.

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Recommended for 0 to 4 years
Binding: Boardbook
Size: 16 16 cm x
Pages: 20
Vintage: 2019
ISBN: 978-956-364-116-5


Beautiful book

It is an excellent book, of great poetry, both in word and in illustration. It deeply moves each time it is read and invites us to reflect, in a simple and very close way, about life.
I have recommended it every time I can! 

Javier Abadie, Amanuta client.


Pauline Houses She is an actress, with a degree in linguistics and literature, and a performing arts teacher. She has developed as a creator and theatrical performer for 18 years in the TeatroPAN company, where she has also worked as a playwright. In 2015 he published his first book, Perros patipati perros, with which he received the 2016 Reader award in the Children's Literature category.

Rachel Echenique is an illustrator and designer at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He has illustrated more than twenty books in various publishing houses such as Amanuta, Lom and Ekaré Sur. He has received important recognitions, such as being a member of the IBBY 2006 Honor List for La Niña de la Calavera and the 2012 Colibrí Medal in the informative book category for El Alerce, a thousand-year-old giant, both books published by Editorial Amanuta.