De Caroline Delpiano
Illustrated by Dani scharf

This children's story is about two milestones in childhood: going to sleep at a friend's house, and the difficulties of peeing at the right time and place.

Carolina Delpiano tells us when a boy went to stay for the first time at his best friend's house. A story full of adventures where dream and reality mix, written in rhymes with a rich vocabulary that will surprise and make everyone laugh. Accompanied by colorful illustrations by Dani Scharf, this book is an entertaining tale for all children.

This reading can also be a gateway to discuss child development situations that are sometimes difficult to address, such as going to the bathroom, making excuses, not knowing the difference between fantasy and reality, etc. Or just be a time to have fun and enjoy reading. 

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Recommended for 4 to 8 years
Design: book printed on all pages with fluorine ink on thin cardboard.
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 16,9 x 19,1cm
Pages: 28
Vintage: 2020
ISBN: 978-956-364-119-6  


This book manages from a basic theme to create a fantasy full of colors, tenderness and beauty. The illustrations and texts make us travel beyond the perfectly everyday anecdote of the story to transport us to other possibilities of the story. This fable that speaks of understanding, of the closeness that can arise from a physiological need, gives the simple emptying of the sphincter a magical dimension so essential to childhood. Both the texts by Carolina Delpiano and the images by Dani Scharf are far from everything expected and give a dimension of play and dignity to their story. The shame that is so central to children's lives is approached from a whole new perspective, turning what should be blushing into a source of pride. The book is thus a perfect meeting place between the child, his parents, teachers and even a friend. A magical talisman that turns the shame of peeing in someone else's home into a unique moment of encounter and imagination.

 Raphael Gumucio.


Caroline Delpiano He studied Graphic Design at IPS, then Theater Design and Art at the University of Chile, but only reached the third year. He has held many photography exhibitions in Chile and abroad. He also likes plants, crafts, and writing stories for children. Pee y Poop, are the first books published in Amanuta.

Dani scharf, Illustrator and Art Director, navigates the publishing world and creative universes. Make illustrations for books, magazines, posters and records. It is one of the 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide, according to Lüerzer's Archive. His style combines the resignification of engraving and an essential appreciation for the concept.