De Caroline Delpiano
Illustrated by Sun Undurraga

In this funny children's story Maca appears, a girl who is pooping, showing a very common situation during childhood: having to run to the bathroom at the last minute. But it also shows that it is natural and can be taken with a lot of humor.

Maca runs around his house looking for how to get to the bathroom, finding a world between the imaginary and the real. Carolina Delpiano and Sol Undurraga combine their great sense of humor to create a book full of surprises in the text and in the illustration.

This reading can also be a gateway to discuss child development situations that are sometimes difficult to address, such as going to the bathroom, making excuses, not knowing how to differentiate between fantasy and reality, etc. Or just be a time to have fun and enjoy reading.

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Recommended for 4 to 8 years
Design: book printed on all pages with fluorine ink on thin cardboard.
Binding: hardcover
Size: 16,9 x 19,1 cm
Pages: 28
Vintage: 2020
ISBN: 978-956-364-120-2


The Maca is pooping and runs desperately looking for a bathroom that, for these purposes, is worth more than paradise for a condemned person or a drink of water in the desert. But the road to salvation is full of unexpected obstacles and difficulties. This odyssey that Carolina Delpiano tells us and Sol Undurraga illustrates has moments of nightmarish tension, because between the first contractions and the definitive salvation, fantastic characters appear for whom a verse or a few lines are enough to exist in a resounding, playful and maddening at the same time. The poop here doesn't smell, but it hurts. It does not disgust or disgust, but persecutes those who suffer it as a guilt, as an unspeakable weakness that makes children and old men accomplices. They both know perfectly well that to be happy they must free themselves from it. And this story has a happy ending. What a relief!

Patrick Fernandez.


Caroline Delpiano He studied Graphic Design at IPS, then Theater Design and Art at the University of Chile, but only reached the third year. He has held many photography exhibitions in Chile and abroad. He also likes plants, crafts, and writing stories for children. Pee y Poop, are the first books published in Amanuta.

Sol Undurraga Machicao
 (Woman Gallina) studied architecture and since 2011 she works as an illustrator. Illustrated the book American atlasedited by Amanuta. He won the Opera Prima award at the Bologna Childrens Book Fair 2018 and the Green Island award in Korea with his book The beach, edited by L´agrume in France and translated and edited by Wellmade Pictures Books in South Korea and Sapocast in Chile. Sol and Mujer Gallina have been recognized and selected twice as a finalist in Latin American Illustrator NY, three times in the Iberomaerican catalog in Mexico, twice in Bologna Children's Book Fair and in the Biennial of Illustration in Portugal. Invited to give opening talks at FILIJ in Guadalajara and Oaxaca and at FILBO in Bogotá. He has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Chile, Barcelona, ​​the United States, Korea, Japan, Portugal and Italy. Likewise, Sol has worked for the newspaper El País weekly in Spain, SZ in Germany, Radio Ambulante in the US, among others. In Spain it is represented by the Pencil agency. Currently, she is based in Berlin.