La Princesa Zanahoria

De Paulina Jara
Illustrated by Carmen Cardemil

Princess carrot is an entertaining love story between vegetables. Like any princess, Carrot dreams of her vegetable prince, but her father has other plans for her, luckily the Bean godmother, who never fails, will come to her aid. With beautiful illustrations, this tale in verse invites you to play with language and recreate playful rhymes.

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Recommended for 2 to 5 years
Design: Book with varnish textured cover.
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 21,5 16 cm x
Pages: 36
Vintage: 2019
ISBN: 978-956-364-115-8


Paulina Jara Straussmann presents us in this beautiful book a story in verse whose characters are vegetables and greens. Using the resource of personification, so attractive to children, he tells the drama of Princess Carrot who is forced by her father to marry a gigantic pumpkin. But as always happens in fairy tales, a “godmother bean” appears and solves the problem. A beautiful story told with grace, in which the verses flow with rhythm. With a great sense of humor, this story will appeal to children and adults. Carmen Cardemil's illustrations correctly complement the written text.

Cecilia Beuchat.

Thought for younger children (2 to 5 years old), this original love story between vegetables introduces in verses the tragedy of Princess Carrot, whose father wants to force her to marry a vegetable that she does not like: "Princess Carrot / she suffers an unparalleled drama /, it's her wedding day / and she doesn't want to get married ”. His "godmother bean" comes to his rescue, and, undoing a spell, brings another vegetable that had been turned into an ugly "raw corn." She transforms him into a succulent Prince Cucumber, he and his protégé fall in love and marry for love. She has the right to choose! After the ingenuity of the plot, numerous vegetables are presented in entertaining illustrations that combine collage and drawing that children may not be familiar with, and that are not always to their liking. But they also have the right to choose, right? The book reads like a walk in the orchard, in which Princess Carrot is victorious. Should your love be expected to last "for a lifetime"?

Marilu Ortiz de Rozas, The bread basket



Paulina Jara, Chilean, after her training in theater and differential education, she has developed a career focused on reading animation and oral narration; which has led her to work as an expert in advising for school libraries. He has published more than 15 titles with various publishers, such as Editorial Amanuta and Zig-Zag.

Carmen Cardemil, Chilean illustrator and painter. He has collaborated with the main publishing houses in Chile and Mexico, with which he has produced nearly one hundred illustrated publications for children and adults. Among his illustrated books with Amanuta are The Sleeping Beauty of the Forest, Animals Chilean tales, Children of America, among others.