Ojos y miradas

By Sixta Hernandez
Illustrated by Gabriela Burin

Each illustration is a story in itself, so it can be read many times.
explore diversity and makes a subtle reflection on perception.
Simple reading on the eyes or deeper on the different looks.
Metaphors and symbolisms: an introduction to that world, which makes it for all ages. 

It is a poetic and playful work rich in images, emotions and reflections on human nature. There are eyes that shine like stars, they dive into the depths of the sea and float like bubbles. Each pair of eyes tells a unique story. Round, happy and crystalline eyes intertwine with those that defy perception and eyes that seem not to see, but observe the world upside down, add depth. A poetic kaleidoscope that reveals the beauty and mystery behind each look.

Cardboard book with rounded edges, so that it can be handled safely by children. In addition, each page has an interior flap that invites you to look at it.


Recommended for 0 to 4 years
Binding: Boardbook
Size: 12 x 17 cm
Pages: 27
Vintage: 2024
ISBN: 978-956-364-333-6


Sixta Hernández, Colombian writer; children's pedagogue, reading promoter and oral stage narrator. She is the founder of the “Luna Lunera” Educational and Cultural Center for children.

Oral narration and writing have allowed him to combine his great passion; the one that he has for inhabit the words and give them generously to the girls and boys; words that nourish wonder, fiction and the encounter with other possible worlds.

Gabriela Burin is an Argentine illustrator. He has illustrated a large number of children's books and his illustrations have been selected to participate in the Ibero-American Illustration Catalog of the Guadalajara Book Fair in 2017 and in the Illustration Exhibition of the Bologna Fair in 2021. In addition to being An illustrator, Gabriela also writes and teaches illustration classes in her own space: Taller Dos Meninas.