Ratón en blue

De Carmen Lavanchy
Illustrated by Bernadette Ojeda

The text is the lyrics of the song by the children's musical group Mazapán.
Ideal for the little ones, to read and sing with the family.
It has a simple language with the use of rhymes that facilitate its reading.
High quality boardbook format that allows it to last over time.

This story, which is also a song, is a classic that several generations have sung. The text was written by Carmen Lavanchy, for the song of the same name, when she was part of the musical group Mazapán. Full of humor, with a rhythm and a closeness to the world of children, they create a funny story. The illustrations by Bernardita Ojeda, fun, agile and also full of humor are the perfect complement. A book to read, sing and laugh.

Cardboard book with rounded ends, so that it can be handled by children safely.


Recommended for 0 to 4 years
Binding: Boardbook
Size: 16x16cm
Pages: 18
Vintage: 2022
ISBN: 978-956-364-286-5
Book printed on FSC Mixed paper

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Carmen Lavanchy (1951), a musician and educator, seeks to contact and enchant children with artistic expression as a way of knowing, discovering and growing. She has dedicated herself to teaching in kindergartens, schools and universities (PUC and UAndes). She is the founder of Grupo Mazapán with whom she has made records, books, presentations and television programs. She is the co-author of music and art education books. She creates and presents educational concerts (with Camerata UAndes, Chilean National Symphony Orchestra and Coro Cantigas). She has worked in the Curriculum and Evaluation Unit writing Curricular Bases and Study Programs.

She is convinced that both the capacity for wonder and the imagination must be promoted and cultivated in order to become more complete and human.

Bernadette Ojeda he studied design at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She is the creator and director of the animated series Clarita, Helados, Chanchiperr and Hostal Morrison. As an illustrator she has carried out several educational projects and La Cenicienta (2012), by Editorial Amanuta, among others. She currently works as a teacher, as an illustrator and directs the content and animation production company Pájaro.



Scan the QR code on the back cover of the book and watch the animation with the music video of mouse in blue of marzipan.