Siento el viento

De Grace Gonzalez

Selected in The White Ravens 2022 roster

an interactive book: an invitation to go outside and feel the wind. The pages of the book are an accompaniment to live a different experience that can leave different records in the memory of boys and girls.

Perfect for learning shapes and colors: The geometry and simplicity of the book are ideal for boys and girls to learn about different shapes and colors. The imaginative language of this book, along with a minimalist and poetic text, creates the perfect combination for engaging reading.

Artistic education: a book for boys and girls to learn art and color from an early age.

To work in group: excellent book to work in class and go out in a group to observe nature.

Feeling and living nature is a special moment that we sometimes leave aside. It is not necessary to transport yourself to other places, but to observe, experience and be aware of the nature of everyday life is, in itself, a magical instance. Thus, the apparent simplicity of elements of our world, such as the wind, gives us an imaginative and reflective experience.I feel the wind it is a book and also a mediating object to feel nature.

Poetry sensitively accompanies the experience, giving clues as to what is happening as they interact with them, but being open enough so that each boy and girl can perceive the outside in their own way.

The dies (holes that travel through the books) and the abstraction of their figures are fundamental elements, since, like the poems, they give an incentive to interaction in a broad way.

I feel the wind In the first place, it invites you to stop, to find an environment and to have a disposition for its arrival. As the book progresses, the invitation is to appreciate the wind from different senses: to look at it, to listen to it, to feel it, becoming a moment of appreciation and see it, to listen to it, to feel it, becoming a moment of appreciation and contemplation. 


Recommended for 4+ years
Binding: Boardbook
Size: 20x20cm
Pages: 22
Vintage: 2022
ISBN: 978-956-364-267-4
Book printed on FSC Mixed paperBook printed on FSC Mixed paper



Grace Gonzalez (1999), is a design student at the Pontificia Universidad Católica. Design has allowed him to connect with disciplines of his interest, such as art, photography, cinema and aesthetics. She is interested in finding the way to live significant experiences, so her books SI feel the wind y Rtutor of light are set as an invite on that line.



“Siento el viento” and “Rayo de luz” are two remarkable board books created by graphic arts student Gracia González during her studies. Its appeal lies in the simplicity and clarity of the design, in the high-quality production, as well as in the way the books approach their themes (wind, sun) and convey them visually, haptically, and textually. The solid pages of “I Feel the Wind” are painted in white and various shades of blue. The color areas are monochrome, the shapes are simple, and the design is minimalist. Some of the pages open to form a wave of clouds; one item, which can be removed, can be a paper kite or a leaf dancing in the wind. Cutout holes of different sizes invite the reader to peek, or take a breath, sparking the imagination through the absence of instructions. It is not usual for a board book for the little ones to contain poetry. In a few lines, a first-person lyrical speaker talks about listening to the wind and feeling it gently blow or caress.

Jury The White Ravens, Internationale Jugendbibliothek