Toco madera

De Andrés López

Ancient and current superstitions: Discover the most famous superstitions in an intelligent way with this book, perfect for starting conversations about ancient traditions and the origin of popular phrases!

Great sense of humor: With its humor present in the text and illustrations, it is easy to understand and funny.

Reflection on what luck is: reinterprets the concept of "luck", allowing a completely new perspective. Dare to think about luck in a different way with this book!

Are you superstitious? You're sure? With a lot of humor, Andrés López presents us with a guide to superstitions that perhaps you know -and you do some of them-, others that are in your unconscious without knowing that they were, and some more that perhaps you had never heard of and that will make all the sense in the world.Knock on wood, manual for good luck It is a book for adults and children to laugh heartily with characters persecuted by good and bad luck as effects associated with superstitions.

selected in THE BRAW AMAZING BOOKSHELF, Bologna Book Fair 2023


Recommended for 5+ years
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 22x20cm
Pages: 64
Vintage: 2022
ISBN: 978-956-364-268-1
Book printed on FSC Mixed paper

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Andrés López He is the author and illustrator of books for people of different sizes. His work has received several international awards, among which the selection on the 100 Outstanding Picturebooks list for his book stands out. Panther within the framework of the Bologna fair in 2020 and the selection in the Ibero-American Catalog of Illustrators in its 2018 and 2020 editions. He currently lives in Mexico City where he draws every day in the company of his two dogs.