Tú y yo

De carmen olivari
Illustrated by Pigeon Valdivia

gender neutral: This book is ideal for talking from a gender perspective with boys and girls, to understand the differences they have and invite them to reflect and be educated in freedom, both in their games and in their dreams.

Professions and occupations: It is a book to live in the present and dream about the future.

From the renowned illustrator: Paloma Valdivia once again surprises us with her illustrations and takes us on a magical journey through the pages of this book. A book to look at many times.

Special colors: This book was conceived from the beginning with special inks with which it was printed.

You and I is a book with a gender focus that invites you to talk with boys and girls, valuing differences and similarities. But it is also a reflection on the infinite possibilities that boys and girls have to be educated in freedom, both in their games and dreams, and that will allow them to open up to all possibilities in the future, both in personal and professional development. Paloma Valdivia surprises us again with her illustrations that take us on this magical journey of childhood and the relationship of children with themselves and with the nature that surrounds them. It is a book to read and to discover in the illustrations that give us multiple readings. Every insect, flower, bird, star, etc. have a meaning, we invite you to discover them.



Recommended for 2 to 5 years
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 18 x 18 cm
Pages: 32
Vintage: 2022
ISBN: 978-956-364-265-0

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Carmen Olivari Pineapple, lives and works in Santiago de Chile. She is a clinical psychologist, child-adult therapistos and families. Adjunct professor at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She obtained the degree of Magister in Gender and Culture Studies at the University of Chile. Her central interest is the training of inclusive young therapists with a gender perspective and the development of creative and playful techniques and tools on the issues of inclusion, gender and violence.

Pigeon Valdivia She is an author, illustrator and editor of books, with a degree in design from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and a postgraduate degree in Illustration at the EINA School in Barcelona, ​​Spain. His main passion are stories, illustrations, books and especially children. He has received many awards and recognitions, including the honorable mention at the Bologna Book Fair, 2014 for Little Red Riding Hood, and the 2018 Cuatrogatos Foundation award for his book About Us.