Vuelo de pájaros americanos

De Juan Jose Donoso
Illustrated by Rachel Echenique

The birds accompany us in the most amazing places on the American continent: in the depths of the forests, in the ice and cold of Antarctica, on the top of a mountain and also within our footsteps in the neighborhood square. Flight of american birds is an invitation to become naturalists and delve into the secret world of birds: their feathers, flight, their ancestors, their different beaks, claws and nests. All this while we marvel at its beauty and we are transforming ourselves into protectors of all the nature that surrounds us.

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Recommended for 5 to 12 years
Design: Book printed with entertaining fluorine ink
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 28 21,5 cm x
Pages: 64
Vintage: 2018
ISBN: 978-956-364-053-3
ISBN special edition: 978-956-364-146-2


Excellent book

Wonderful book, it covers precisely the aspects of birds accompanied by attractive illustrations.

Yanella, customer Amanuta.


Juan Jose Donoso He is head of the Natural Resources and Biodiversity Division of the Ministry of the Environment. He studied economics at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, specializing in public policy, and today he continues his work in government. He is the author of American Bird Flight, which represents a passion for birds and nature that he has maintained all his life.

Rachel Echenique is an illustrator and designer at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He has illustrated more than twenty books in various publishing houses such as Amanuta, Lom and Ekaré Sur. He has received important recognitions, such as being a member of the IBBY 2006 Honor List for La Niña de la Calavera and the 2012 Colibrí Medal in the informative book category for El Alerce, a millennial giant, both books published by Editorial Amanuta.



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