Don't stitch without thread

No des puntada sin hilo

By Manuel Pena Munoz
Writer and specialist in children's and young people's literature

What are sayings?

Sayings are witty phrases that are inserted into the conversation to surprise and summarize a situation.

Sharp and accurate, they are true magic formulas that help to understand a problem, giving a final wise advice.

Curious and funny, they are brushstrokes of poetry in colloquial speech. They are often blobs of popular philosophy that hold deep truth in a nutshell.

Invitation to think, metaphors of life

Drawing from oral tradition, these sayings of the Spanish language constitute an invitation to think through these mysterious phrases that hide a moral meaning, often a practical advice, a warning or an ironic sentence. Each of them is a magical bridge to get started in literature as they are metaphors for life. In addition, they belong to the rich repertoire of popular poetry that has been transmitted by oral tradition over many generations.

"Do not stitch without thread"

In 2015, Editorial Amanuta published a book with a selection of sayings to spread them and not get lost. The ideal is to read them aloud and discover their meaning, as they are true puzzles, sometimes enigmatic that always show us a hidden facet of reality and paint a smile on our faces.

Metaphors of everyday speech, jewels of language, genuine pleasure and pure imagination, these sayings are authentic poetry.

The suggestive illustrations of Maureen chadwick They are "stitches with thread", since he made them embroidering each saying with thread, "a needle and a thimble" as the nursery rhyme says. The relationship with the poetic folklore of childhood is evident. Cross-stitch work with brightly colored embroidery thread belongs to a forgotten craft that is valued, discovering its beauty, in the same way that these sayings have been rescued from popular speech to our delight.

It suggests the idea that many times our actions seek a second purpose, often hidden.

Don't stitch without thread

The saying consists of two phrases that complement each other:

Although the monkey dresses in silk, the monkey stays

"Even if the monkey dresses in silk, the monkey stays."
This sentence alludes to the fact that appearances can be deceiving because no matter how well a person dresses well, their essence always shows through.

"When the river sounds, it is because it brings stones", indicates that gossip always hides something of truth.

In the book The Quixote of La Mancha, Sancho Panza always says:

"Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are". Without having great culture, this character says the saying at the right moment, surprising Don Quixote with his capacity for synthesis.

"He who hugs a good tree, a good shade shelters him", He tells. This wise saying indicates that we can obtain benefits if we know how to relate well.


"When the cat is not there, the mice dance."
When the boss is away, the others take advantage and do what they want. 

Each feather flock together

"Each feather flock together".
Each person seeks to have by his side another similar in tastes and interests.

"A gift horse in the teeth not look".
We must not be demanding with what they have given us.

"When least expected, the hare jumps." 
The opportunity comes at the most unexpected moment.

"It is preferable to be the head of a mouse than the tail of a lion."
It is better to rule in a small company than to be a servant in a gigantic company.

Whoever takes a lot of space, the less he tightens up

"Whoever takes a lot of space, the less he tightens up".
Better to concentrate than to disperse.

"In the eye of the master the horse fattens." 
You have to be on top of things so that they turn out well.

"The man and the bear, the uglier the more beautiful."
In man, ugliness can become attractive.

"A bird in the hand is better than a hundred flying."
It is better to have something secure than many possible things.

"Every bird likes its nest."
No matter how wide the world is, we always prefer our little corner.

The big fish eats the boy

"The big fish eats the boy." 
The powerful will always prevail over the weaker.

"By the mouth dies the fish".
Our own words can betray us.

"When the river sounds it is because it brings stones."
When people murmur something, there is always a bottom of truth.

"A river uprooted, gain of fishermen".
In disorders, someone always wins.

Shrimp that falls asleep, it carries current

"Who does not risk does not cross the river."
You always have to take risks if you want to achieve something in life.

"Shrimp that falls asleep, it carries current".
We must always move forward and not be content with what we have achieved.

Never say of this water I will not drink

"Never say of this water I will not drink."
Do not despise what one day you may need.

"Water that you don't have to drink, let it run."
Don't dwell on matters that don't matter to you.

"Don't ask the elm for pears."
People have their limitations therefore it is not convenient to demand what they cannot give.

"Like father Like Son".
Children often inherit strengths and weaknesses from their parents.

"To bad weather, good face".
You have to face problems with optimism.

Some are born with a star and others are born with stars

"Some are born with a star and others are born with a star."
There are people who are born with good luck and others with bad luck.

"Aremos said the fly stopped on the horns of the ox."
It is very easy to join a group in which only one person works.

"Loose lips sink ships".
It is preferable to be silent as this will avoid misunderstandings and problems.

"A dead king, put king."
When a boss leaves, someone else immediately replaces him.

"Pastry chef to your cakes."
Each person has to be aware of their own affairs and not meddle in those of others.

"Good perfume comes in a small bottle."
Important things are often small or unnoticed.

The coriander is good but not so much

"The coriander is good but not so good."
It is convenient to use but not abuse.

"The house is small but the heart is big."
Although the house is small, its residents are generous and friendly.