No des puntada sin hilo

De Manuel Pena Munoz
Illustrated by Maureen chadwick

Sayings are popular and anonymous sayings whose purpose is to convey a teaching or moral. In this book, we select some of the best proverbs. They are sharp and accurate, they are true magic formulas. They are curious and funny, they are brushstrokes of poetry in colloquial speech. Selection by Manuel Peña Muñoz and handmade embroidery by Maureen Chadwick.


Winner of an Honorable Mention at the Bologna Children's Book Fair, 2016.

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Recommended for 5 to 12 years
Design: Beautiful fabric printed cover
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 17 20 cm x
Pages: 64
Vintage: 2015
ISBN: 978-956-364-045-8 


Flies do not enter a closed mouth, -Everything depends on the glass with which you look, -Tell me who you are with and I will tell you who you are. These are some of the proverbs of the Ibero-American oral tradition that this compilation illustrated with embroidery on burlap of naive spirit gathers. The harmonious interweaving of two expressions of popular tradition "sayings and crafts" endow the book with an undoubted conceptual coherence, which updates and disseminates, in a creative way, the richness of the folk heritage.

Cuatrogatos Foundation, 2016.

Sayings are witty phrases that are inserted into the conversation to surprise and summarize a situation. Sharp and accurate, they are true magic formulas that help to understand a problem, giving a final wise advice. Curious and funny, they are brushstrokes of poetry in colloquial speech. The title of the book "Do not stitch without thread" suggests the idea that many times our actions seek a second purpose, often hidden. Maureen Chadwick's suggestive illustrations are “stitches with thread”, as she made them embroidering each saying with thread, “a needle and a thimble” as the nursery rhyme says. The relationship with the poetic folklore of childhood is evident. Cross-stitch work with brightly colored embroidery thread belongs to a forgotten craft that is put in value, discovering its beauty, in the same way that these sayings have been rescued from popular speech to our delight. Metaphors of everyday speech, jewels of language, genuine pleasure and pure imagination, these sayings are authentic poetry.
Manuel Peña Muñoz. Find the full interview at our blog


Manuel Pena Munoz, writer, Spanish teacher, literary researcher and specialist in children's literature. His books include El Niño del Pasaje, Los Niños de la Cruz del Sur and the novel Mágico Sur. In Amanuta, selection and critical commentary on the stories by Gabriela Mistral and writer of No des stitch without thread, both winners of international awards.  

Maureen chadwick, was born in Concepción, from where at an early age he took a concern in everything related to art. Then he studied design at IPS, which would start his way in various branches of art.