Pee and Poop

Pipí y Caca

By Paulina Peluchonneau, Clinical Psychologist

Pee y Poop They are two books that deal in a creative, playful and loving way on the important children's theme related to toilet training. These books take seriously and at the same time with sympathy these two central issues in the lives of boys and girls, which often confront them with conflicts, difficulties and feelings such as shame, grief or anger when their learning involves a problem. . The use of rhyme as a literary resource, fantasy and the vocabulary used also stimulate cognitive development and creativity in children and in parents or adults who read these stories. 


Poopby Carolina Delpiano and Sol Undurraga

Toilet training is a fundamental developmental issue. This learning is a complex process that encompasses all areas of early childhood development. 


Peeby Carolina Delpiano and Dani Scharf 

For boys and girls, discovering the fluids and solid contents that flow from the inside of their bodies to the outside is a vital experience, extremely magical and surprising. And before they face the task of learning to handle the regulation of their bodily contents by themselves, they experiment directly and indirectly with this physical and psychological process consisting of: holding, controlling, releasing and evacuating. Experimenting directly refers to the very act of “peeing and peeing; do and poop ”. On the other hand, experimenting indirectly refers to the possibility of connecting with this theme through the two most important spaces available to process, elaborate and carry out significant learning in childhood, these are: the game and the story. 


Poopby Carolina Delpiano and Sol Undurraga

Through games and stories, they can display the fantasies of the child's mind without limit, and they can do so in all the themes that they need to deal with and process. Play with water, with earth, with masses, with containers to put and remove solid and liquid contents; Playing with dolls that poop and pee, which are congratulated, punished and / or encouraged to learn toilet training, constitute experiences that boys and girls will naturally seek to have.


Peeby Carolina Delpiano and Dani Scharf


The stories that fathers, mothers and adult caregivers read and provide to boys and girls constitute another of the fundamental sources to promote psychological and intellectual development. 

Thus, the narrative, playful and cognitive experience offered by these two titles seems very interesting to me and a great contribution for boys and girls of different ages.


Providing and reading these books to children, not only favors their psychological, cognitive and intellectual development, but can also constitute a significant bridge with parents and adults, due to the humor and lightness with which it addresses these topics that often tend to be approached with excessive demand and severity. 

Pee y Poop They represent an original invitation for adults and children to connect with joy and patience to this central and everyday theme that sometimes becomes difficult. For all that, these two short stories should not be missing in any home, garden, or school.